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Memo From Gary Krasner, CFIC
Sept 28, 2021

I hope this addresses several kinds of requests for help from employees being required to take the COVID vaccines.

Just by way of background, Coalition For Informed Choice started out as an activist/advocacy organization.

In the late 1990s, I wrote about the nature of disease:

(Today, CFIC is back involved with advocacy with "Employees Pushing Back on Mandates.pdf" (attached) and more publications to come.)

By 2002, I wrote 3 bills (religious, medical, and philosophical) and had them introduced first in the NYS Senate, then the Assembly a year later.

But by 2004, I focussed exclusively on helping parents obtain religious exemptions for school vaccinations in the hardest state in the nation-----NYS.

Since that time, CFIC won exemptions for several hundred parents, using a formula that has never been successfully challenged.

That formula wasn't always enough to win. Sometimes CFIC had to negotiate with schools, and "pushback" on their demands. Only about a dozen times we had to appeal to the commissioner.

"Omnibus-updates-forms-approvals.pdf" (attached) is one of dozens of pushback letters and related strategies that CFIC used to use for school vaccine exemptions in its support services.

"Blood in COVID mRNA Vaccines.pdf" and "Pushback Letter Supporting Catholic Exemptions - cfic.pdf" are examples of our current (i.e. Covid) pushback letters that we sometimes use to preempt challenges.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - THE CURRENT COVID MANDATES - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The COVID vaccine-----and its collateral safety mandates (face masks, virus testing, etc)-----is being required for public and non-public employers.

And like other vaccines, my expertise in helping people write exemption statements is still available at the same low price of $150. Law firms start at about $1000 and up and do not provide tested religious rationales. They roll the dice and hope for the best.

Our DIY ("do it yourself") kit is comprehensive, and contains sample statements for every religion except Islam (240 statements at 8 pages average size), and complete instruction sets for every step. The learning curve may take 5 to 10 days for you to complete.

But I can't appeal adverse decisions like I used to with grade school vaccines. That's because the NYSED commissioner (under Section 310 appeals) has no jurisdiction for colleges or employees. A lawyer would have to bring the case to state supreme court or federal court.

Additionally, unlike the school vaccine mandates, these requirements are mandates from executive branch agencies. No legislatures have authorized them. Moreover, they're still under judicial review as of Sept 28.

So not only might they be struck down by the courts, these COVID mandates don't seem to have due process protections and guard rails against abuse of process.

Employees are often given one day to appeal, or are not given a reason for denial, or they're provided with the public health equities for the denial (and not given reasons why the religious explanation was found to be deficient), or they're required to submit a support letter from their minister or priest or rabbi.

All of those requirements----and those like them----would be against the rules governing the proceedings for grade school vaccinations. But there are no rules like that for college students, or for employees.

Since I'm not a lawyer, I had to work within the rules and push back when the institution violated the rules. If the school wouldn't relent, then I had grounds to take it to an administrative appeal (i.e. Section 310 appeal) or find a lawyer to take the complaint to state supreme court.

But the COVID mandates for colleges and workplace do not have any rules, except "get the vaccine" or "get lost." Going forward, religious exemptions may or may not be in place, and may or may not remain in place, and may or may not include due process protections, let alone any uniform rules at all!

Some employees can't even identify who is in charge (name and title!) of making the determination that denied their application!! So there's no one to whom a complaint can be lodged!!

BOTTOM LINE: You have two options. Get a lawyer or move out of NYS.

Final Note: Some may deem the file, "Employees Pushing Back on Mandates.pdf" to be an anti-Democrat screed (the first 2 pages, at least). It is not. It's a "wake the hell up" screed. You paid union dues that funded Democrats in their elections. Once they achieved a trifecta in Albany for the first time since 1913, they voted to repeal religious exemptions for our children in 2019, and are now giving you an ultimatum-----get the COVID vaccine or get fired.

This was NEVER a partisan issue. This SHOULD NEVER have been a partisan issue. It is only a partisan issue now because Democrats have revealed themselves to be irrationally pro-vaccine authoritarians. This is your wake-up call.

Gary Krasner, CFIC
Recent Additions

1. Blood in COVID mRNA Vaccines    File

2. NYC Employees Against Public Health Fanaticism and Medical Tyranny      File

3. Pushback Letter Supporting Catholic Exemptions
Rebuttal to Policy on Religious Exemptions     File

4. Weighing Public Health Equities.pdf      File

Omnibus Updates Forms Approvals    File

EMAIL TRANSACTION.txt collection of relevant emails (Text File)

In support of employees and parents resisting covid vaccination

There are 4 PDF files attached. (see 1, 2, 3 4

Please read the text file "EMAIL TRANSACTION.txt"

I'm indebted to many activists for assisting me. Irina Dzyubinsky, for example, is the brilliant scientist who authored one of the reports proving blood is in covid vaccines (attached). That has been critical in augmenting exemption statements which cite our blood rationale objecting to vaccines.

The other two attached files rebuts the other reasons NYC is refusing religious exemptions. CFIC has been providing these files to applicants to submit them with their religious statements. And it's offered free of charge here and with CFIC's DIY toolkit. Law firms charge over $1000 just for exemption consults!

"Employees Pushing Back on Mandates.pdf" was written to stem the hemorrhaging. Teachers are caving in to the pressures to vaccinate at a rate of one percent per day.

So "Employees Pushing Back on Mandates.pdf" was intended to lift their morale. Being pilloried by the mainstream media and the majority (of vaccinated people) makes employees demoralized, and eats away at their resolve.

This was always a numbers game. Mr. Kane doesn't understand that unvaccinated teachers had leverage when 25 percent of them were unvaccinated. That was the status on Sept 13 at noon (4 hours prior to the NYC employee's protest rally in NYC) when I sent Michael Kane and John Gilmore "Employees Pushing Back on Mandates.pdf" to email to their membership.

Instead, they sat on it and did nothing. Finally, on Sept 28, I had to ask Kane WHY, and the attached transcripts reveals his inexcusable negligence and stupidity.

NYC teachers are now down to less than 7 percent unvaccinated and Kane wrote in his Oct 1 email that he won't even look at that file at all next week.

Blasio and DoE knew their backs were against the wall, but they chipped away at the resisters until now THEY have the leverage. They can replace the unvaccinated now. Kane and Gilmore still do not get it.

Why Michael Kane and John Gilmore would refuse to post that and other aids to their members is inexplicable. Perhaps they wish to be portrayed as the exclusive saviors of anti vaxxers. Read the email transcript and you tell me.

Michael Kane ( and John Gilmore ( are dragging their butts and time is running out fast, if it hasn't already.

I did what I could. But I can't fight our "leadership" (Kane and Gilmore) and also the vaccine nazis too.

This is the mindset were up against:

Fauci on Vax Mandates: "There Comes a Time When You Have to Give Up What You Consider Your Individual Right of Making Your Own Decision" (VIDEO) October 3, 2021 at 3:32pm

CFIC is bypassing these selfish gatekeepers (Kane and Gilmore) with other means to assist our people.

Ingri Cassel, for example, posted it at

You can too, using social media and personal contacts.

Thank you.
Gary Krasner
Coalition For Informed Choice