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Seeking An Alternative
by Ian Sinclair
[Alternative Health, Why vaccines are ineffective, HowTo take care of a child.]

by Ian Sinclair Archived here

Part1  |   Part2  |   Part3  |   Part4  |   Part5  |   Part6  |   Part7/Conclusion

Seeking An Alternative - Part 1

As parents become aware of the dangers and inefficacy of childhood vaccines, they will, for obvious reasons, seek an alternative approach to safeguard their children's health.

Many parents choose a practice known as "Homeopathic Prophylaxis" sometimes referred to as homeopathic vaccination. Other parents employ vitamin and mineral supplements in the belief that they will strengthen their child's immune system, while others prefer their children to contract the childhood infections in the belief that it will give them natural life-long immunity. There are many parents who are just plain uncertain or confused as to what alternatives to embrace and therefore live in a constant state of fear and anxiety over their children's health.

So how do those parents, who reject vaccination yet remain uncertain of the alternatives, choose an approach that gives them the confidence and certainty of safeguarding their children's health?

In my opinion, such parents must do two things;

Firstly, they must gain a clear understanding of the root causes of childhood infection. This will not only reveal to them the reasons why vaccines are ineffective, but more importantly, it will reveal to them the true means of disease prevention.

Secondly, they must gain a clear understanding of what childhood infection is. This will enable parents to overcome their fears of childhood infection and offer them an insight into a method of treatment that not only allows their children to recover from childhood infections quickly and without complications or suffering, but ensures that their children will be in better health afterwards.

Seeking An Alternative - Part 2

The Root Causes of Childhood Infection

Common sense tells us that the prevention of childhood infections is only possible by removing it's root causes. Now the World Health Organisation acknowledges that malnourishment, polluted water supplies, poor sanitation, and poverty and despair, causes the deaths of tens of thousands of children each year in Third World countries from measles, whooping cough, tetanus, tuberculosis and many other infectious diseases. Significantly, these deaths occur despite widespread vaccination coverage in these countries.

The reasons why vaccination fails to prevent these tens of thousands of deaths should be obvious to any logical thinker. Vaccines do nothing to correct the nutritional status of a malnourished child. Vaccines do nothing to purify a child's body that has been poisoned from drinking polluted and contaminated water. Vaccines do nothing to raise the vitality of a child whose vitality has been depleted through poverty and despair. Vaccines do nothing to remove the root causes of childhood infection and other infectious diseases and it is for this reason that vaccines have failed to prevent the tens of thousands of deaths in Third World countries.

In the developed countries like USA, Australia, England etc, deaths from childhood infections are quite rare, however, there are still thousands of cases of measles, whooping cough, chicken pox etc reported annually. Although the root causes of childhood infections in these countries are less obvious, they are, I believe, most often related to faulty diet, overfeeding, and chemical and toxic pollutants. Once again, herein lies the reasons why vaccines provide no protection against these childhood infections. Vaccines do nothing to correct the nutritional imbalances caused by faulty diet. Vaccines do nothing to unclog the digestive and intestinal tracts of overfed children. And vaccines do nothing to detoxify a child's body which is encumbered with chemical and toxic wastes. Vaccines do nothing to remove these root causes of childhood infection and this is evidenced by the fact that in the US, England, Australia etc, up to 90% of reported cases of measles, whooping cough and other so-called vaccine preventable diseases occur in fully vaccinated children.

Now at this point of time, some readers may be wondering where "germs" fit in to all of this. After all, aren't outbreaks of infectious disease caused by the spreading of germs from person to person? Isn't measles caused by the measles germ? Isn't chicken pox caused by the chicken pox germ? Isn't whooping cough caused by the whooping cough germ? Aren't childhood infections caused by all the different germs out there?

I do not deny the existence of germs within the body nor do I deny that they can be passed from person to person. However, I do not accept the medical belief that they represent the root cause of childhood infection or any of the other infectious diseases including AIDS. So that you may understand my reasons for rejecting the germ theory of disease, it will be necessary for me to take you inside the body and explain to you one of the most important metabolic functions in human physiology - the process of elimination.

Seeking An Alternative - Part 3

The Process of Elimination

Elimination is the process whereby metabolic wastes, toxic chemicals and foreign substances are eliminated from the body via the normal channels of elimination, mainly the kidneys, lungs and bowel. The important thing to realise, is that the efficiency of this process, like all other metabolic processes, is primarily dependent upon the health and vitality of the body. Anything that weakens or compromises health, eg malnourishment, faulty diet, impure water, overwork, fatigue, stress, etc will impair elimination which results in a build up of internal waste matter, a condition commonly referred to as Toxemia. In the world of Natural Health, it is believed that many diseases including the childhood infections and other infectious diseases are a direct result of this condition.

Toxemia can also develop if the amount of chemicals and foreign matter that enters the body exceeds the body's normal eliminative capacity. For example, lets say a child's body can eliminate around 100 units of toxic waste a day. If the amount of toxic waste produced in that child is around 120 units a day, then this means there will be 20 units of toxic waste that the child's body has been unable to remove. If this continues day after day, then over a period of time, the result will be an accumulation of toxic waste within the child's body leading to this condition known as Toxemia.

This may come as a shock to some parents, but I don't believe there would be a child out there, who, raised under the conventional lifestyle, would be free of this condition. Poor parental health, drugs and vaccines, impoverished breastmilk, fluoridated water, overfeeding, chemicals in the diet, pesticides, negative emotional states, etc etc all contribute to the development of Toxemia in children. Little wonder that sickness in today's generation of children is so endemic.

By understanding the toxemia theory, one is in a perfect position to clearly understand where "germs" (bacteria and viruses) fit in to all of this. Bacteria are micro-organisms known as saprophytes whose biological role is to breakdown organic waste matter into simple molecules which can then be transformed back into living substances. The role of bacteria in the body is not to attack cells or tissues but to breakdown organic waste matter for disposal and recycling. As for viruses, Natural Health regards them as merely products of cellular decay which play no part in disease causation. It's worth noting that Louis Pasteur, the scientist credited with the germ theory of disease, ultimately admitted that it was not the seed (germ) but the soil (toxemia) which was the determining factor in disease. Rene Dubois, the most renowned microbiologist of the 20th century wrote "Viruses and bacteria are not the sole cause of infectious disease, there is something else." What is this something else? Toxemia.

So what it all comes down to is this. If a child develops measles, chicken pox, whooping cough or any of the other childhood infections, it is not because of germs, it is because of the toxic conditions in the child's body. Whenever some type of infectious disease is diagnosed in a child or adult, regardless of what name is given to it, regardless of whether it is viral or bacterial, the underlying cause is always toxemia. This explains why vaccines fail to prevent disease for they do nothing to remove the toxic conditions of the body out of which the various bacterial and viral diseases arise.

I wrote in Part 1 that in order for parents to choose an alternative approach that gives them the confidence and certainty of safeguarding their children's health, they would need to gain a clear understanding of the root causes of childhood infection and what childhood infection is. By understanding the Toxemia theory, not only do parents gain a clear understanding of the root causes of childhood infection and the means by which it can be prevented, but they are in a position to clearly understand what childhood infection is.

Seeking An Alternative - Part 4

What Childhood Infection Is

Let's go back to the example of a child whose body is capable of eliminating 100 units of toxic waste a day. If that child's body produces 120 units of toxic waste a day (as a result of the conventional diet, fluoridated water, chemical pollutants, vaccines etc), then this means that there will be 20 units of toxic waste that the child's body has been unable to eliminate. If this continues day after day then obviously, over a period of time, there will be a gradual build up of toxic waste within that child's body creating the condition known as toxemia.

This condition is very harmful, for toxic waste is poisonous, and if left unchecked, then it's retention within the body will ultimately lead to cellular damage and destruction, or in other words, serious disease including cancer. Fortunately, there are safety mechanisms within our bodies that are switched on whenever our toxicity levels rise above the normal level. These safety mechanisms are designed to reduce excess toxicity.

In infants and children, the most common safety mechanism that the body employs to reduce excess toxicity is fever. Fever is not a mistake, it is not something evil, it is not the body trying to fight off germs. Fever is an emergency reaction by the body which is designed to speed up the process of elimination. This dramatically reduces toxicity levels thereby restoring the health of the child. This safety mechanism, like all other safety mechanisms that the body employs, is governed and controlled by the innate intelligence of the body, and this intelligence knows exactly when to turn the fever on, and exactly when to turn the fever off.

Whenever fever is present, the body will activate a number of other safety mechanisms which are designed to facilitate and assist in the reduction of toxicity. During fever, the body will neither need or want any food and therefore it will shut down the digestive system resulting in a loss of appetite. If, during fever, any food is present within the digestive tract, then the body will eject it either through vomiting or diarrhea. During fever, the body directs all its energy towards this process of elimination, so the general energy level of the body will be greatly reduced resulting in tiredness, lethargy and fatigue.

During or after the cessation of the fever, there may be localised areas of inflammation which is another safety mechanism the body employs in order to reduce toxicity and promote healing and repair. There may be swollen glands whereby the swelling increases the glands capacity to filter toxic waste from the bloodstream. In many cases the body will eliminate toxic waste through the skin which will manifest as skin eruptions, blisters, red spots or rashes. Throughout this entire process the central nervous system will be on full alert and therefore extremely sensitive to the level of toxic waste in the circulation, and its subsequent elimination from the body. This can result in headaches, aches and pains, nausea and general discomfort.

Now if it hasn't yet twigged, then what I'm about to tell you is probably the most crucial point of this whole article. Whenever a child develops measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, mumps, rubella or any other so called childhood infection, the child will experience the exact same symptoms that I have underlined above. So what all this means is that measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, mumps, rubella or any of the other so called childhood infections, are not infections caused by germs, but are in reality, safety mechanisms which are designed to reduce inner toxicity to a safe level.

Whether you wish to refer to them as childhood infections, safety mechanisms, crises of elimination, acute illnesses, cleansing processes, healing crises or whatever - measles, chicken pox, rubella, whooping cough, mumps etc all arise from the same underlying cause - toxemia, and all of them serve the exact same purpose - the elimination of toxic waste from the body.

By clearly understanding what childhood infection is, parents are in a position to understand a method of treatment that not only allows their children to recover from childhood infections quickly and without complications or suffering, but a method that ensures their children will be in better health afterwards.

Seeking An Alternative - Part 5

Method of Treatment

If childhood infections are indeed the body's way of reducing inner toxicity, then it stands to reason that the method of treatment employed should do nothing to suppress or interfere with this process, and everything to assist and support it. In the world of Natural Health, whenever a child develops measles, chicken pox, whooping cough or any other childhood infection, the most common method of treatment is as follows;

The sick child is immediately put to bed in a well ventilated room. If weather permits the child is often placed outdoors in a shaded area where it has maximum exposure to fresh air. If the weather is cold the child is rugged up to preserve warmth. During the fever no food whatsoever is given to the child, not even fruit juice. Pure water is made available to the child should thirst be experienced. Two or three times a day, the child is sponged down with luke warm water to ensure cleanliness. No effort is made to suppress the fever.

The duration of the fever will in most cases last anywhere between 24 to 72 hours and throughout this period noise is kept to a minimum so that the child's rest and sleep remain undisturbed. Once the fever subsides and the child's desire for food returns, fresh fruit or fruit juices are given for the first one or two days then slowly other wholesome foods are reintroduced. If any skin rashes or eruptions appear, short periods of sunbathing to the child's naked body are applied. No ointments or creams are used. Some parents also resort to a technique known as hydrotherapy which utilises bathing, hot and cold compresses, and plain water enemas. The bathing and compresses serve to relieve discomfort, promote circulation, induce calm and sleep, whilst the enemas help clear congestion in the lower bowel, a causative factor in many childhood fevers.

This method of treatment, as taught by Natural Health, does nothing to suppress and everything to assist this inner cleansing process. Children treated in this manner not only recover quickly and without complications or long term suffering, they are in fact in better health afterwards because their body's have been cleansed of the accumulated toxic wastes. It is not uncommon for these children to experience growth spurts or noticeable improvements in their physical, intellectual or creative abilities following these acute cleansing episodes. This occurs because their bodies, no longer burdened by toxic and chemical poisons, can operate at a much higher vitality level.

For those parents who are considering adopting this approach in treating childhood infection, it is my opinion that they should first thoroughly acquaint themselves with Natural Health or Natural Hygiene philosophy. This will give them the knowledge and the confidence they need to become totally self-reliant in the treatment of childhood infection and other acute childhood illnesses. It is also wise for parents to seek out those health practitioners who support this philosophy so if at any time uncertainty arises they can find professional guidance.

I will not say that it has never happened, but in the many years that I have studied and researched this philosophy, I have never come across a case of a child, who, diagnosed with a common childhood infection and treated in accordance with Natural Health principles, has suffered any complications or died. It is my firm belief that in the industrialised countries like USA, Australia, England, etc, if a child develops measles, whooping cough, chicken pox or any of the other childhood infections and subsequently goes through any long term suffering, or experiences any complications, or dies, then the causes can be directly attributed to wrong treatment which in most cases includes suppressive drug therapy. It is to this that we will turn our attention to in Part 6......

Seeking An Alternative - Part 6

Wrong Treatment and Its Consequences
(Note: In this section I am referring to treatment of childhood infections in the industrialised countries. In third world countries, the high rate of morbidity and mortality from childhood infections is due entirely to malnourishment, starvation, polluted water, poor sanitation and the absence of holistic health care facilities.)

In the world of Natural Health, complications from childhood infections are virtually unheard of, yet, in the world of Orthodox Medicine, complications are numerous and well documented. They include encephalitis, otitis media, pneumonia, bronchitis, reye's syndrome, myocarditis, arthritis, convulsions, mental retardation, apnea, brain damage, cerebral haemorrhage, pulmonary edema, paralysis, urinary tract infections and high blood pressure. The question is - WHY?

Let me repeat my earlier statement where I said "If childhood infections are indeed the body's way of reducing inner toxicity, then it stands to reason that the method of treatment employed should do nothing to suppress or interfere with this process, and everything to assist and support it." In the world of orthodox medicine, the method of treatment includes many measures that do nothing to assist and support, and everything to suppress and interfere with this process.

What must be kept foremost in mind is that the common symptoms of the childhood infections ie fever, vomiting, diarrhea, bacterial action, swollen glands, skin eruptions, inflammatory reactions, etc, are all curative in nature, their purpose being to reduce the inner toxicity of the body. As you would be aware, the medical approach towards disease, including the childhood infections, is to use drugs which are specifically aimed at suppressing the symptoms. So drugs are given to reduce the fever, drugs are given to reduce the inflammation, drugs (antibiotics) are given to kill beneficial bacteria, drugs/creams are given to suppress the skin eruptions. On top of all this the sick child continues to be fed when it neither wants nor needs food, and the drinking water offered will in most cases be fluoridated chlorinated tap water. If hospitalised, the child will be treated in air-conditioned wards without access to fresh air. This whole approach in the medical treatment of childhood infections can be likened to firing at your own soldiers whilst they are battling the enemy.

The consequences of this type of suppressive treatment will be obvious to any logical thinker. The child's body will be forced to retain the toxic poisons that it is attempting to eliminate, and to add insult to injury, the child's body will be further poisoned by the drugs that are being administered. How a child subsequently reacts to this treatment will vary from child to child. For many a child, the symptoms will subside and the child will appear to recover, yet within the child's body, lies this residue of uneliminated toxic waste and drug poisons. This may result in another crisis of elimination (childhood infection) several weeks or months later, or it may manifest as a less acute crisis of elimination such as eczema or asthma. Or the child's body may be forced to redeposit this waste matter into less vital areas of the body, thus laying the foundations for chronic disease in later life.

For other children, their bodies will continue the struggle to reduce toxicity, despite the imposition of suppressive drugs. However, instead of this cleansing process taking only a few days, it may actually take a few weeks and involve a great deal of distress and suffering on the part of the child (not to mention the parents). When you hear of these children who are hospitalised with whooping cough for example, and spend up to three months in hospital fighting for their lives, what you should realise, if you don't already, is that their hospitalisation and subsequent struggle to survive, are a direct result of suppressive drugs, incorrect feeding, fluoridated chlorinated water and lack of fresh air! Not to mention the negative impact that separation of a child from its parents has on its emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Tragically, there will be a minority of children, who, for reasons of increased susceptibility or inherited weaknesses, will experience the type of complications listed above, and in rare cases, succumb to their condition. If you happen to know of any child, who, having been diagnosed with one of the common childhood infections, subsequently experienced any degree of suffering, or complications, or died, then just find out how the child was treated. I believe that in every case you will find a history of wrong treatment and suppressive drug therapy.

Ian Sinclair Archived here

Seeking An Alternative - Part 7


In the worlds of Orthodox Medicine and Natural Health, theories on disease causation, the nature of disease, and methods of treatment, differ widely, and in many cases, are diametrically opposed to one another. Ultimately, parents must determine for themselves where the truth lies and act accordingly.

When it comes to the childhood infections and other acute childhood illnesses, I believe that the truth lies with the Toxemia theory. I believe that every childhood infection arises from the exact same underlying cause - Toxemia, and every childhood infection serves the exact same purpose - the elimination of toxic waste. I therefore believe that the prevention of childhood infection is only possible by preventing the development of toxemia, or in other words, by preserving the inner health of the child.

Needless to say this is easier said than done, for in order to preserve the inner health of a child, the child must be provided with the healthiest of diets uncontaminated by chemical poisons, it must have access to pure drinking water free of fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals, it must have several hours daily of enjoyable physical activity in the fresh air, it must live in an environment which is free of atmospheric and industrial pollutants, it must be given the freedom and encouragement to express all of its creative urges, and above all else, it must live in a home, where the family atmosphere is one of love, happiness and acceptance. Now if you happen to know of any parents who have been able to provide these conditions for a child, can you please let me know what planet they are from. Because on my planet, whilst most of us parents do the very best we can to raise healthy children, our efforts often fall well short of perfection, and as a consequence, our children frequently experience the common childhood infections.

Fortunately, there is one saving grace, which when realised, alleviates the fear and anxiety that so many parents experience over the childhood infections. What is this saving grace? It is the realisation that the childhood infections are beneficial to a child's health, the realisation that they are designed by nature to reduce the toxic build-up in the child's body, the realisation that when correctly treated no harm will come to the child. When parents realise the true nature of these childhood infections they will no longer look upon these illnesses as a burden, but will in fact, look upon them as a blessing. For me personally, whenever my young son experienced an acute childhood illness, I rejoiced! I rejoiced because it indicated to me that his body was just doing a bit of housecleaning, and I rejoiced because it meant that for the next three or four days he would remain quietly in bed and it would be absolute peace around the place.

For most of us, we were raised to believe that the only people who had the power to prevent or treat childhood illness were medical doctors with their drugs and vaccines. Well the reality is this - no matter how knowledgeable or how experienced or how well meaning medical doctors are, they have absolutely no control over the quality of a child's diet, over the quality of a child's drinking water, over the quality of a child's playtime, over the quality of a child's environment, over the quality of a child's sleep, or over the quality of the child's thoughts and feelings. Medical doctors have no control over these things yet these are the very things which ultimately determine the health of the child. The only people who have control over these things are parents, which means that when it all comes down to it, the only people with the power to safeguard children's health are the parents themselves. And in this regard, I believe parents have no alternative.

Ian Sinclair Archived here

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