2021 Freedom Calendar

This unique 12-month, 11 by 17 large print, colorful wall calendar displays and explains the Bill of Rights, the proper use of them, and how they apply to us today.

Teach your friends and family about our "unalienable Rights" by gifting them with this unique and timely Freedom Calendar. A MUST to restore FREEDOM!

If we expect our children to have the blessings of liberty, they must first know and understand their RIGHTS as our Creator wanted for us.

How can we expect to know how to use our unalienable RIGHTS if we don't know what they are?

Learn Your RIGHTS the easy way with the 2021 Freedom Calendar. Knowledge is Power - Empower Yourself & Others!

Any way you figure it: Our children are going to pay dearly. And we are, too, if we don't LEARN to demand our God-Given Rights.

An important lesson to remember is this - All rights not demanded are presumed waived.

"Due to violations against the Constitution, more crime is committed in one day in the courtrooms of America than in the streets in a whole year."

Not knowing or using our rights .... is the path to BIG trouble!

The Freedom Calendar is a great educational tool.

Makes a great gift - people really love it. Great teaching aid for grandparents, parents and homeschoolers.