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Homeland INsecurity Index of Articles
  •   Scandals - 11/22/02
    The Homeland Security Bill - Is It Being Used As An Excuse To Federalize the Model (State) Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA)?

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    Model State Emergency Health Powers Act Source Document, Letters, comments, news, etc

    The Homeland Security Act passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Some highlights of its passage are noted below.

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  • Rumsfeld and the horseshoe crab that could save your life. By Lisa Parsons

  • Eli Lilly & Co.

    Sen. Daschle, Rep. Pelosi Vow to Repeal Homeland Security Provision Shielding Drug Makers from Liability - - - - 11/21/02
    Claims that Congress Can 'Fix' the Problem Are Misleading

  • Essay On Vaccine Injury, Homeland Security, and Culpability by Dr. Len Horowitz

    Bush faces fateful smallpox decision

    Key questions: Who should be vaccinated and how to assess the risks
    By Tom Curry - - - - - - - - - MSNBC

    Eli Lilly Summary, by Sheri Nakken

    Debbie Stabenow, Sen (MI) stood up during Barbara Boxer's speech on the senate floor on 11/15 and said they took a count

    6 Pharmaceutical lobbyists present for every ONE senator trying to influence everything right now and stopping all

    Raises Shocking Questions About The Company's Research On The Mercury Preservative In Vaccines. Because Of The Homeland Security Bill, Eli Lilly May Get A Pass On Its Legal Liability

    "Rumsfeld, who formerly headed Searle Pharmaceuticals, is part of the drug company axis within the Bush administration. Former President Bush was director of Eli Lilly, OMB head Mitchell E. Daniels was also senior executive of Eli Lilly and AG John Ashcroft is known as a lobbyist for pharmaceutical companies."
    Confirmed by the United States Senate on January 23, 2001, the Honorable Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. joined President George W. Bush's Cabinet as a member who combines Main Street experience and Pennsylvania Avenue credentials.

    Prior to joining the President's Cabinet, Daniels enjoyed a successful tenure at the pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly & Co. as the senior vice president of corporate strategy and policy in 1997. As a top executive, Daniels ensured that Lilly had the flexibility necessary to remain a leader in its constantly evolving field. Daniels also has advised firms ranging from Indiana National Bank to IPALCO Enterprises, Inc.

    Mitch Daniels, the new director of the office of management and budget in the White House, was formerly the vice-president for strategy and policy at the pharmaceutical giant, Eli Lilly. Two members of the Bush transition team, Anne Marie Lynch and Bill Walters, are PhRMA members. Three others were seconded from big pharmaceutical firms.
    You have probably heard about Sarafem. This is the new name for Prozac which is being marketed to women for the trumped up DSM IV diagnosis PMDD. PMDD is of course nothing other than PMS. It was approved by the APA for inclusion in the DSM IV after a long struggle in which it was bitterly opposed by many feminist groups. This July (the same month that Lilly lost the patent on Prozac) they got the FDA to approve Prozac for the treatment of PMDD and give it the trade name Sarafem. They made 2.9 billion dollars on Prozac and I think that this is how they plan to cover the decrease in revenue that will come from losing the patent They have launched a full scale advertising campaign, that is the most deceitful campaign you can possible imagine. They are spending untold millions on it, and saturating all areas of the media. Their Web site is something to behold and will forever be thought of as the height of deception. Their theme is that Sarafem helps you be more like the woman you are and they are positioning themselves as the company that is finally listening to the needs of women.
    Some of the human genome companies
    Millenium Pharma. Corporate Partners: Eli Lilly, Hoffman-LaRoche, Astra AB.
    Taurel has lived in Indianapolis since 1986, when he returned to the city as president of Eli Lilly International Corporation. He became executive vice president of the pharmaceutical division in 1991 and was named executive vice president of Eli Lilly and Company and president of its pharmaceutical division in 1993.
    Taurel is a member of the boards of IBM Corporation; McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.; and the RCA Tennis Championships and a member of the executive committee of the board of directors of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). He is also a member of The Business Roundtable, The Business Council and the board of overseers of the Columbia Business School and a trustee at Indianapolis Museum of Art. In 2001, Taurel became a chevalier (knight) of the French Legion of Honor. Taurel was appointed in June 2002 to the President�s Homeland Security Advisory Council, a select group whose members were chosen to provide George W. Bush with advice on homeland security matters.
    Another conflict-- from the Eli Lilly site

    What's New at Bear Left!
    Volume II, Number 45: 17 November 2002

    Fact of the Week

    House Majority Leader Dick Armey inserted several amendments into the House version of the Homeland Security bill shortly before the bill passed the House by a wide margin last week. Included in these amendments was a provision that would protect Eli Lilly from lawsuits against its production of thimerosal, a mercuric preservative used in childhood vaccines. A growing number of lawsuits allege a tie between thimerosal and neurological damage in young children.

    The most recent data from the Center for Responsive Politics show that Eli Lilly gave more money to Republican congressional candidates --some $1.26 million--than any other pharmaceutical firm.

    Sources: 6,0,3769033.story?coll=ny-lipolitics-print Newsday, 16 November 2002; Indianapolis Star, 16 November 2002;

    Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA  
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