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Short Note: [AVN] Liberian chimpanzees/HepB vax
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 10:38:05 -0700

From AVN list (Australian Vaccination Network):

Discovery channel, wed 17 Oct, showed "Wild Discovery - African Great Apes." Part of the program was about a group of Liberian chimpanzees that had been used to test hep B vaccine, and then released back into the wild. After their release, the structure of their society began to disintegrate, and quote, "adolescents began fighting instead of playing, and parents stopped caring for their young". The commentator suggested that this was due to stress after they were moved, but could it be a result of the vaccines? Unfortunately, shortly after the filming, soldiers shot all of the chimps, so a follow up is not possible.

Universal Hepatitis B Vaccination in Taiwan and the Incidence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Children
Taiwan - Summary of Liver Cancer Statistics (HCC)
Age Cancer cases/Rate in 1981 Cancer cases/rate in 1992 >14 1378 11.1/100,000 3760 24.41/100,000 0-5 13 .54/100,000 9 .46/100,000 6-14 26 .78/100,000 8 .23/100,000 HCC 6-14 28 .84/100,000 52 1.53/100,000 Brain Tumor
Over 2,000 case increase of HCC in adults in spite of vaccination for Heb B (most of this increase occured before vaccination of adults)
Essentially flat for 0-5 age group
18 cases HCC less for 6-14 age group but 24 more brain tumors.

Note: HCC = Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Does this 18 case decrease in several million children represent a decrease in HCC that should support the vaccination program?
How many children per 100,000 injections died of the vaccine? Yes, the vaccine was given before one month of age.


The Hepatitis B Vaccine Currently In Use By 97 Countries Killed 69 Infants During Testing Trials
April 21, 2018 - Author GOV'T SLAVES
CE–Infanrix Hexa (DTaP/IPV/Hib/HepB), made by Glaxosmithkline, is a 6- in- 1 vaccine which was released onto the global market in the year 2000, and since then across 97 countries around the world including Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

www.vaccinationNews Excellent testimony of school nurse to congress re Hep B vax

Deaths from hepatitis virus, excerpt from CDC Table 10, 1998 & 1996.

Superb Flu letter: Why Swine Flu fiasco argues against Hep B experiment

New Autism MMR Report - NVIC statement

Adverse Reactions to Flu and Hep B Shots (29Jan01)

Hepatitis B Vaccine Dangers (12Mar99)

Hep B Vac For Newborns -- Down -- Hooray!!! (23Apr01)

Ias.Org.NZ site:Hepatitis B vaccine -patient research-

Incidence of Hep B Virus in U.S.A. (10Apr01)

Dr. Mercola: Warn Every Pregnant Woman about Heb-B in hospital.

Hepatitis A - Inventing A Market for Another Superfluous Vaccine


AAPS Report RE: HEPATITIS B VACCINE 14JUNE1999 by Dr. Jane Orient

^January-June2001 Quackwatch, Anthrax, Adverse, lyme, risk, Hep-b, prevnar, Pregnant, Vac_Scene_2000, Japan, Drug-Approval.

Merck - Vaccine Packet Insert (Hep B) (28Nov00), info includes cancer, vaccine trials, Hep B in Alaska - - - Great article:
"*According to the FDA, 45 cases of hair loss after a Hepatitis B vaccination has been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS). "

"According to the Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report, there were 358 reported cases of Hepatitis B in New York City and 438 cases in Upstate New York for all of 1992. Despite CDC claims that there would be 200,000 cases nationwide in 1992, there were, in fact, only 13,857 reported cases. The vast majority of these cases were contracted through high-risk sex, drug abuse and medical contact. Hepatitis B disease peaked in the mid 1980's and has been declining ever since. Despite these facts, our legislators in Albany are trying to mandate this vaccine for all newborn babies in New York State. The vaccine has been added to the list of mandated vaccines for entry to school."
The disease is not particularly contagious, being transmitted by body fluids, and, while serious, is usually not life-threatening. Those who recover are thought to have life-long immunity. Of those who do not fully recover, less that 5% become carriers. The incidence in the US is low (18003 cases in 1991 or about 0.00007% of the population). So why does the Centers for Disease Control recommend that every newborn be vaccinated?
In a letter to CDC on AAPS site:

    Please cite the references for these statements. Note that this 33,000 figure grossly contradicts CDC report number 56, issued April, 1996, which states that 85 cases of hepatitis B were reported in children under the age of 15 in 1993, and that the rate was 21% lower than in 1992. If 90% of infected children are asymptomatic, then the true incidence was about 850 in 1993 and about 1100 in 1992. According to the Healthy People 2000 Review, the number of chronic infections in infants was 6,012 in 1987; 3,003 in 1990; 2,234 in 1991; and 2,464 in 1992 and 1993. According to the same report, only 16% of children age 19-35 months had received 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine in 1993. Can you reconcile these figures? Can you provide a reference for serological studies to identify chronic infection in asymptomatic children? - - - Read letter and reply - - - Number of new infections per year has declined from an average of 450,000 in the 1980s to about 80,000 in 1999.
[CDC figures for Infections, of which 10%(?) will become cases, and 1 - 1.5% of cases will die of hepatitis B.(??)]

Universal Hepatitis B vaccination in Netherlands
Hilary Butler - Friday, November 26, 2010
On November 16th, 2010, Vaccine published an article titled “Public vaccination programmes against hepatitis B in The Netherlands: Assessing whether a targeted or a universal approach is appropriate”. This long, convoluted self-justifying article gives an extensive review on the Hepatitis B situation in the Netherlands; what is known; what is not; and the statistical tinkering by the committee which recommended universal vaccination. This article should be compulsory reading for all thinking parents, psychology students, and epidemiologists world-wide.

So for many years, hepatitis B was secondarily spread within the medical system in most westernized countries in the same years as that graph shows above, through blood transfusions, laboratory tests and other medical practices. Once a test was readily available which defined Hepatitis B; transfusion blood was screened; and "once-use" needles and vacuum tubes for blood collection were used, Hepatitis B rates dropped.

Read rest of story here: