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Open letter to the authors of "the Danish MMR report"

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Subject: Open letter to the authors of "the Danish MMR report"
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 11:48:25 +0100
From: rees <>
Organization: Privat
To: Poul Thorsen <>, Mads Melbye <>,
Kreesten Meldgaard Madsen <>, Hviid Anders <>
CC: Kåre Mølbak <>

Home tel +46 40 163930
Office tel/fax +46 40 158883
17 February 2003

This is an open letter to the authors of the notorious "Danish MMR Study" but it is also intended for vaccine victims and their families, journalists and the mass media. I would ask all recipients to use the power of the net and disseminate this as widely as possible.

To: Kreesten Meldgaard Madsen, M.D., Anders Hviid, M.Sc.,
Mogens Vestergaard, M.D., Diana Schendel, Ph.D., Jan Wohlfahrt, M.Sc.,
Poul Thorsen, M.D., Jørn Olsen, M.D., and Mads Melbye, M.D.
Copy to "Kåre Mølbak" and others.

Addresses for some of the authors

Kreesten Meldgaard Madsen
Anders Hviid, M.Sc.,
Mads Melbye, M.D.
Mads & Anders telephone: +45-32683163
Poul Thorsen>
Diana Schendel,  telephone  770 488-7359
I trust that those recipients will inform the others.

I must refer, once again to the infamous "Danish MMR study" of which you are the wretched authors. The criticism of it, by Ulf Brånell and myself can be read at:

This criticism was sent to you in December. You were invited to comment on it and contact me. Not one of you has done so, despite e-mails and phone calls (don't you listen to your answering machine, Diana?). I managed to phone Anders Hviid and a truly bizarre conversation ensued.
He first claimed that he did not know who I was, then he remembered but said he had been unable to understand our criticism because he could not read Swedish! Apart from the fact that our criticism is available in both Swedish and English, Anders is the first Dane I have encountered who cannot read Swedish (I can read Danish so what is his problem?) Anders did not want to talk about the study (indeed, he seemed incapable of doing so) and said I should speak to the principal author, Anders Meldgaard.

Me: What is his phone number?
Anders: I don't know. I don't have it.
Me: Then how the hell do you communicate? Carrier pigeons?
Anders: He rings me when he wants something.
Me: Then I'll talk to you.
Anders:  I can't. You must talk to the principal author.
Me: But your name is on the report.
Anders: I can't comment on that. You must talk to the principal author.

There was much more to this hilarious conversation. You can read the rest when I write my book. If this is the way you operate, no wonder your report is such a disaster. I also asked Anders if he had the courage of his convictions and was willing to let me vaccinate him. "I would have to ask my colleagues." Apparently an employee of the Danish Serum Institute has to ask permission to be vaccinated. Extraordinary!
He said he would consult with his colleagues and ring me "in a couple of days". He never did.

I therefore arrived at the Serum Institute with my vaccine-injured son on Friday February 7 and asked to speak to Anders Hviid and Mads Melbye (who also works there). I was told that they would not speak to me and that they were calling the police to have me removed from the premises.
I said that was fine by me, but did the Serum Institute really want the publicity that would ensue from chucking a vaccine victim, a helpless child, into the snow? Suddenly Kåre Möllbak was available to talk to me. Now there you have a true believer. Even though his own son suffered convulsions after vaccination, he still thinks vaccines are great and that the benefits outweigh the risks. He said it was a pleasure to talk to me and we agreed that a meeting should be arranged.

I would therefore like you all to meet me on Friday 7 March at 16.30 at:

Statens Serum Institut
Artillerivej 5 2300 Copenhagen S
Telephone: +45-32683163
Fax: +45 3268 3868

and we shall have a seminar together. I suggest we conclude around 20.30. We shall go through your study and the criticism of it. We shall also go through a number of scientific studies on the injuries caused by vaccines and discuss the level of compensation victims should receive as well as treatment modalities and the legal aspects, including the possible liability of people such as yourselves and the various pending lawsuits. We need an appropriate room with an overhead projector, a copying machine and an on-line computer with a projector attachment. My vaccine-injured son will be with me and you can all take turns looking after him. This will be a salutary and educational experience for you all. You cheerfully admit that vaccines cause injuries, brain damage and deaths (it says so on the product insert — why is this never shown to us?) but do everything in your power to avoid meeting a victim (see above). This will be a great opportunity for you to see what vaccines do. For my son you should supply a mattress, pillow, blankets and suitable playthings, bottled spring water, gluten-free crispbread (made by the Vasa company), organically-grown fruit (bananas and apples) and hummous.

My fee for the seminar will be GBP 1000. This is to compensate me to some extent for the costs and loss of income I have incurred because of you. When your article was published I was contacted by outraged vaccine victims from around the world. They pointed out that  your study was financed by the CDC (ardent pro-vaccinators) and the NAAR (who receive funding from vaccine manufacturers). I was told that your study was blatant fraud and an attempt to write an alibi for yourselves and your colleagues now that autism has reached epidemic proportions. They begged me to write a rebuttal, which Ulf Brånell and I duly did. I had to take time of work to do so and to write letters such as this. Meanwhile you get paid for your trouble. The injustice and unfairness of this is appalling. You seem to think this is a game. You are given vast sums of money to conduct a study (some must have been set aside for follow-up, so my fee should be no problem) and you do a lousy job. You seem unable to answer your critics and appear to be trying to silence them, presumably hoping that your study will look good on your CVs and that nobody will notice. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You should publish a retraction in the medical journals and urge them to print our criticism, which they have so far refused to do.

To all other recipients of this message: other vaccine victims and their families may wish to attend the seminar. Please spread the word, especially to families in southern Sweden and the Copenhagen area. Please bring your vaccine-injured children if you are able to. The Serum Institute is a 10-minute cycle ride from the central station. It would be courteous if those attending the seminar were to inform the Serum Institute. You might also like to inform the media:

In southern Sweden: the newspaper Sydsvenska Dagbladet:
In Denmark the newspaper Politiken
then there is the television of course:

It is also possible that the authors will once again threaten to call the police and ask them to throw us out. It would save a lot of time if someone tells the police we are coming:
and asks them if the authors of the report are guilty of manslaughter and causing actual bodily harm. It is well documented that vaccines cause death and injury to perfectly healthy people, the authors are all vaccinators and promote vaccines, so do they not have a case to answer?

For those attending the seminar, please acquire, read and bring to the meeting the following publications in addition to the article by Brånell and myself:

Book: Vaccination, by Viera Scheibner. (ISBN 0 646 15124 X)
Book: Behavioural problems in childhood - the link to vaccination Viera Scheibner (ISBN 0-9578007-0-3)
Book: Vaccination, social violence and criminality, by Harris Coulter
:(ISBN 1-55643-103-1).
Book: Vaccination, a parent's dilemma by Greg Beattie
And all the books by Neil Z. Miller
Print out, read and bring with you the following articles by Viera Scheibner.

similarly this article:
Voices of Safety International (VOSI) is a Standards Development Organization (SDO) which is recognized by the National Institute of Standards & Technology. See  home page "About VOSI". Click on "Public Health".
Click on the V50.2 standard and read the associated Research Report that PROVES  that children are 12 times more likely to become autistic after being vaccinated compared to never having been vaccinated.

You should also familiarise yourselves with the following sites and material on the net:
The founder and president of the Autism Research Institute, Bernard Rimland, is of the opinion that vaccines cause autism. Here is an article he wrote on the subject:

We shall also discuss treatments that can be used to treat and detoxify those injured by vaccines:
International Child Development Resource Center — Dr Jeff Bradstreet
For more information about monkey virus SV40 in vaccines:
This site is important. Conventional medicine is built on a foundation of fraud. 85% of medical and surgical procedures are scientifically unproven (British Medical Journal October 1991) Only one in 24,000 drug reactions is ever reported by the doctor (British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 1997; 43:177-181). Drug reactions are now the world's fourth major killer. They cause more than 100,000 deaths in the USA every year. Only heart disease, cancer and stroke are more dangerous than drugs (JAMA 1998; 279 1200-05) Few people are aware of how endemic and widespread fraud is in medicine.

For an in-depth study, read the book The Betrayers of Truth by Broad & Wade, or order The Pharmaceutical Drug racket" from the Vaccination Information site below.
Neil Z. Miller's site. Neil is the author of several books on vaccines.
Dr Mercola writes:  lot of people ask me where to find good articles on the subject of vaccination. I recommend
"A single vaccine given to a six-pound newborn is the equivalent of giving a 180 lb. adult 30 vaccinations on the same day. Include in this the toxic effects of high levels of aluminum and formaldehyde contained in some vaccines, and the synergist toxicity could be increased to unknown levels. Further, it is very well known that infants do not produce significant levels of bile or have adult renal capacity for several months after birth. Bilary transport is the major biochemical route by which mercury is removed from the body, and infants cannot do this very well. They also do not possess the renal (kidney) capacity to remove aluminum. Additionally, mercury is a well-known inhibitor of kidney function." - Boyd Haley Ph.D.

The following study shows that bcg vaccine increases the risk of tb:

See you all in Copenhagen!

Alan Rees

[National Vaccine Information Center Leaders List]

Subject:           "The Danish MMR study"
Date:           Tue, 04 Mar 2003 17:30:48 +0000

Ginstgatan 7
230 44 Bunkeflostrand
+46 40 163930

To: The Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty

I wish to report the authors of the so-called "Danish MMR Study"
Kreesten Meldgaard Madsen, M.D., Anders Hviid, M.Sc., Mogens
Vestergaard, M.D.,
Diana Schendel, Ph.D., Jan Wohlfahrt, M.Sc., Poul Thorsen, M.D., Jørn
Olsen, M.D., and
Mads Melbye, M.D

to the committee.

The following is an analysis by Ulf Brånell and myself of the study or or

The study is an appalling piece of work, financed by the CDC (a body
that promotes vaccines) and the NAAR (a body that has accepted money
from vaccine manufacturers). The study is now being used against parents
of vaccine-injured children (such as myself) and is being quoted
uncritically in the press around the world.

The study appears to be a dreadful example of scientific dishonesty and
brings Danish science into disrepute.


Alan Rees

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