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Australia – vaccinated filling intensive care

Victoria’s Labor Minister for health, ambulances and equality, Mark Foley, gave an update (7 October 2021) on those in hospital and in intensive care. It is totally damning on “vaccination” and the figures speak for themselves.

You do not need to be a mathematician to add the “17% partially vaccinated” to the “78% vaccinated” to realize a whopping 95% of people in hospital are those damaged by the gene therapies. Wake up!

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New Open Letter Presenting Additional Research and Studies on the Covid-19 Treatment and Vaccine Harms, by the “Okanagan Health Professionals”
October 19, 2021
(Open Letter 2) Published on Easton Spectator by permission of the “Okanagan Health Professionals”

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Covid: There Is No Virus
with Dr. Tom Cowan, October 18, 2021 By Hilda Labrada Gore
Are you willing to consider a completely different point of view of today’s “pandemic”? Many people today are convinced that the coronavirus is contagious, masks are a must and that vaccines are critical to eradicate it once and for all. Sally Fallon Morell, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, and Dr. Tom Cowan today explain, in no uncertain terms, how the so-called coronavirus is not actually a virus, at all, and that because this is the case, our response to the current health crisis has been completely off-base.

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Vaccinating animals against COVID-19: how long will the people of the world allow themselves to be fooled?
Published by Maxime Lahaye at September 24, 2021
The latest ‘bubble’ in the global media campaign to mandate vaccination of the general public is the story that now zoos around the world are beginning to vaccinate their most precious animals. This is a good example of how scientific facts are being turned upside down and world opinion is being manipulated on behalf of the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical drug industry.

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Frontline Doctor Calls Out Dr. Fauci and Exposes Vɑccine Push, “The Whole Pandemic Was A TROJAN HORSE…”
daniel, October 20, 2021
Dr. Stella Immanuel is a good doctor. She's an honest doctor in a sea of dishonest doctors who have a hidden agenda and are in the back pockets of the FDA, the CDC, the WHO, and others.

For those who may not remember the name Stella Immanuel, she is one of the frontline doctors who spoke out and the Democrats' and media's demonization of drugs that have been shown to work against C0VID.

She recently spoke out against Dr. Anthony Fauci and the mandates and said that she believes all of this was a Trojan Horse for vɑccines.

"I actually think that the whole pandemic was a Trojan Horse for vɑccines. C0VID, from day one, I’ve always said it, it’s completely treatable, and it’s completely preventable, And there is no reason for you to be giving a vɑccine for a disease that’s completely treatable, and completely preventable. And on top of that, the death rate of C0VID is not that high."

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