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Therapies for Vaccine Injury
by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
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Therapies for Vaccine Injury
What Does Dr. Tenpenny Suggest for Treating Children with Autism?
Every child must be evaluated and treated individually, however, as a generalization our process consists of
1.) allergy elimination and immune system strengthening
2.) nutrition and supplements
3.) Chelation for removal of heavy metals.

Osteopathic manipulation and cranial therapy may also be helpful in addition to the above.

New and Innovative Treatment for Autism
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Autism is a neurological disorder that has confounded
researchers for decades. The diagnosis is difficult to obtain because
the syndrome can encompass a myriad of seemingly-unrelated
symptoms, including speech and language difficulties, lack of socialization
skills and a variety of bowel disorders ranging from continual
diarrhea to severe constipation. In the worst cases, children will
perform self-mutilating acts such as continual genital stimulation
and severe head banging. Symptoms in milder cases can include
failure to make eye contact and behaviors of isolation.

Autism rates have exploded in the last 15 years throughout the
country. Twenty years ago, the recognized rate of autism rate was 1
in 10,000 infants; today, it is as common as 1 in 150 children, an
astronomical increase from 20 years ago.

OsteoMed II’s unique treatment protocol
offers hope to those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.
At OsteoMed II, treating Autism combines a series of allergy
elimination treatments followed by vitamin supplementation and
oral chelation for heavy metal toxicities. Results have demonstrated
improved overall health and cognitive functioning for most of
these children, and in the youngest patients, we have seen amazing
reversals of their conditions.

OsteoMed II uses a multi-factorial approach to treat autistic disorders. The protocol begins by using a series of allergy elimination treatments to decrease sensitivities and improve immune system health. As the offending allergens are “neutralized,” gastrointestinal distress and hyperactivity are greatly reduced. The total number of treatments required can range from 12-15. Assistance is also given to help understand the significance of following the Gluten Free/Casein Free diet (elimination of wheat and dairy products). This dietary regimen has been found to be extremely helpful for most of these children.

A series of supplements are next incorporated to help rebuild
the depletions caused by years of “picky” eating habits.
Approximately six weeks after the implementation of supplements,
oral chelation using DMSA, a synthetic amino acid, is initiated to
remove heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, and arsenic.

There are many theories as to why autistic children do not
eliminate heavy metals from their bodies. This concept is being
vigorously researched in centers around the country and as such,
the DMSA elimination protocols will remain somewhat in flux.
Regardless of the scientific controversies, parents continue to
report sudden and long lasting improvements in their children's
behaviors after the removal of heavy metals.

Gentle craniosacral osteopathy is also used as an adjunctive
treatment to improve the cognitive function of these special kids.
Osteopathic manipulation can help to reduce symptoms such as
hyperactivity, compulsive behaviors and depression. Parents who
have brought their children to OsteoMed II praise the results.
All physicians and practitioners at OsteoMed II are highly
skilled in this approach to treating autistic children, and, as such,
all attain the same good results. We welcome the opportunity to
help children and adults diagnosed with problems associated with
autism spectrum disorder.

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