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JEFFREY - 4 years old

Jeffrey has been on this for over three months (begun 1/20/99).  The improvement has been amazing.  His obsessive compulsive behaviors have slowed.  His cognitive abilities have increased tremendously.  His language has improved incredibly.  His appetite has improved substantially - he is trying different foods instead of french fries and pizza.  He now eats chicken, fish and turkey!!  He had very poor sleep habits and was difficult to settle down at night.  We now tell him it's time to sleep and he goes into the bed and within ten minutes he puts himself to sleep.  He is going to the bathroom by himself (including bowel movements) and is very proud of it.

All in all we have seen tremendous improvement since Jeffrey has been under Dr. Carley's care.  It is important to be consistent with the remedies and give them a chance to work.  We are so encouraged because the changes were gradual and are long lasting.  Jeffrey is on the road to RECOVERY!

CHRISTOPHER - 5  1/2 years old

Christopher seems to have more understanding of what we are saying.  He did say his first independent words two weeks ago.  ("Daddy, go")

SEAN - 4 years old

Changes that are noticeable in Sean are listed:

Increase in his listening skills.

example:  Any small task I ask Sean to do he will understand and will follow through by listening.

Seans sleeping patterns have become increasingly regular with no problems trying to fall asleep or waking up in middle of the night.  Sean will even put himself to sleep around 8:30 by turning on his music and getting under the covers.

Seans awareness has increased.  He's been showing us how aware he is with his surroundings by answering yes or no to what he wants or does not want when asked a question.

Seans language is emerging and he actually sings verses in some songs he's been listening to on his tapes and in the car.

Seans starting to dress himself and make potty.

David - 4 years old

In this short time, the most apparent change is his presence.  He just seems more "with us."  His supervising teacher and everyday therapist (ABA therapist) agree he is more aware.  His receptive language has also undergone a change. All of a sudden he is understanding more of what is asked of him, as well as conversational ideas.  He also seems to be picking up more words from his environment.  His vocabulary is continuing to increase daily.  His eye contact is better and longer too.  He learned to ride his bike this past month too (we have tried since Christmas).

After being disappointed in so many other doctors' "cures" we remain somewhat skeptical, but we cannot deny that since David has been seeing Dr. Carley and started the Hippokrates Protocol, we have seen excellent changes in our son.   We plan to continue because it is the only way we have seen significant changes in David.

We thank her for her efforts and kindness.

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